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Trust Data Not Opinions

Reboot Investing is an online investment advisor that makes high-quality, quantitative strategies available to everyone. Answer some questions online, and let us handle your investing so you can spend your time doing the things you really love. We love geeking out about quantitative finance and data science so everyone wins.

We have spent decades developing and running automated, data-driven, quantitative trading strategies to manage multi-billion dollar portfolios for large institutions. Over the years, friends and family members asked us for help managing their money. But, while we were trading for large institutions, there were burdensome restrictions on our personal trading, and we were not allowed to offer investing advice to others. We were also asked to recommend financial advisors, and while we know some who were trustworthy, the investment management options available on their platforms were subpar, and expensive. So, even though we believed the advisors would do their job well, we knew that their hands were tied when it came to investing strategies and pricing. We built Reboot Investing because we've wanted a platform like this for a long time and we finally realized that the only way to get what we wanted was to build it ourselves.

21st Century Tech

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), is the Nobel Prize winning investment theory that most financial advisors tout as cutting edge. What they don't advertise is that MPT was published in 1952, when tic-tac-toe on a 35x16 pixel screen was state of the art. It's time to Reboot your investing and join us in the new millennium.

Our Model

We don't look at markets like a typical advisor would. Our goal is to monetize your ability to take risk for your benefit using whatever method works best, which may not be just buying assets and hoping the price goes up. We focus on risk adjusted returns, not absolute returns.

No Conflicts

While many investors focus on the explicit fees, it's important to monitor costs that can be incurred due to conflicts such as soft-dollar transactions and payment for order flow. We went back to the drawing board and created our model from scratch to eliminate conflicts and hidden fees.

Low Costs

We can charge low fees because we are leveraging technology in ways that no other investment advisor has. There is a single explicit fee, period. We receive no payment for order-flow, no short-sale rebates, no platform fees charged to third-parties, absolutely nothing but the explicit fee you pay us.

Our Story

Reboot Investing was born to fill a void that founder Ashwin Kapur found when he looked to hire a financial advisor. After an event that made him face his mortality, Ashwin considered hiring an advisor to protect his wife and kids’ financial well-being should something happen to him. He’d spent nearly 20 years developing and running automated quantitative trading strategies at top Wall Street firms, so he wasn’t new to the world of investing. After interviewing advisors at an array of different firms, both large and small, he was not impressed with any of the advisors, models, technology, or pricing offered.

As part of his research, he studied various robo-advisors. He soon realized that despite their claims of being innovative, the model the robo-advisors were using was the same as what traditional advisors had been using for decades. After a series of long geek-out sessions about how a financial advisor should be structured, strategies that advisors should use, the details of certain back-tests Ashwin had done etc, Ashwin decided that the only way to get what he wanted was to build it.

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We have scrapped the unrealistic assumptions that advisors have relied on for the last half century, and built investment models from scratch. In addition, we are exploiting our in-depth knowledge of how Wall Street works, as well as techniques used on quantitative trading desks (but not yet known to academia) for the benefit their clients, as opposed to banks, brokerages, advisors and other low value-add toll-takers. Reboot’s strategies are very different from what can be found at other financial advisors. They are not only designed to provide good risk-adjusted performance, but to have return profiles that are compatible with human behavioral biases which reduce the possibility of performance chasing and panic selling by our clients.

Although Reboot makes every effort to preserve each client’s capital and achieve real growth of wealth, investing in markets involves risk of loss that each client should be prepared to bear. All investment programs have certain risks that are borne by the investor. While Reboot’s investment approach constantly keeps the risk of loss in mind, there are no guarantees in the markets.